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Prewired Wiring Kit Fits Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Jr Orange Drop Tone Cap


Dragonfire Prewired-Loaded Strat Pickguard HSS, 3 Ply Black with Black Pickups


The 59 Les Paul Prewired Wiring Harness Fits Gibson Les Paul Long Shaft Pots


Upgrade Prewired Kit with Treble Mod Wiring Harness Fits Fender Strat


Upgrade Prewired Kit For Fender Stratocaster with Treble Bleed Mod Orange Drop


50s/60s Stratocaster Prewired Loaded Pickguard 7 way Switching - Black


Prewired JB Style Bass Pickup Control Plate & Metal Knobs for Fender Jazz Bass


Chrome Tele Prewired Control Plate 3 Way Switch For Fender Telecaster Guitar


Emg strat guitar pickups SA,EXG,SPC prewired to pearloid pickguard


Prewired Upgrade Telecaster Wiring Kit PIO Tone Cap 250K Pots Fits Fender Tele


Dragonfire Prewired-Loaded Strat Pickguard SSS, 3 Ply Red Pearl with Cream


DIY Project PJ Bass Guitar Electronics Prewired Pickups Pots Jack With Screws


Prewired Guitar Wiring Harness with Treble Bleed Mod Fits Fender Strat


Prewired Switchcraft 12B 1/4" output jack with 9-volt battery connector (EMG)


Set of Black 3Ply Guitar Pickguard SSH Pickups Prewired for Fender Strat Guitar


Prewired Switchcraft USA 3-Way Toggle Switch-Les Paul


Prewired Telecaster Control Plate w/ Stutter Killswitch - USA/Fender Parts


NEW Prewired Esquire 4-Way Wiring Harness - Modified Eldred Cocked Wah


Dragonfire Prewired-Loaded FLOYD ROSE Strat Pickguard SSS,Aged Pearl w/ Cream


Dragonfire Prewired-Loaded Strat Pickguard SSS, 3 Ply Black with Cream


Dragonfire Prewired-Loaded Strat Pickguard SSS,3 Ply White with Cream


Dragonfire Prewired-Loaded Strat Pickguard SSS, 3 Ply Black with Green Pickups


Loaded Prewired Electric Guitar Pickguard Pickups 11 Hole HSH Black DT


Dragonfire Prewired-Loaded Strat Pickguard HH 2 Humbucker, 3 Ply Black w/ Chrome


White 3Ply HSS Pickup Loaded Prewired Pickguard For Fender Strat Electric Guitar


Prewired Upgrade Wiring Harness For Fender Strat Eric Johnson Wiring PIO Cap


Telecaster Pre-Wired Wiring Harness, Treble Bleed, Russian PIO Cap, Switchcraft


Emerson Custom Prewired Kit for Gibson SG Guitars


Prewired Upgrade Wiring Kit Fits Fender Stratocaster PIO Tone Cap 5 Way


Fender Player Series Stratocaster Alnico 5 Pickups prewired Loaded Pickguard


Fender Mustang 90 LOADED PICKGUARD Guitar Parts P-90 Pickups Prewired


Emerson Custom P Bass Prewired Kit Wiring Harness Pots


Mojotone "58 Quiet Coil w/Hot Bridge" Strat Pickup Prewired Pickguard


Guitar Upgrade Prewired Wiring Harness Fits Gibson Epiphone SG PIO Tone Caps


Greasebucket Tone Pot Prewired A250k CTS Adjustable High Pass KellingSound