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Horseman LM 4X5 Camera


Crown Graphic 4x5 Camera, w/ 90, 135, & 210mm lenses, & Horseman 6x7 Film Back. 


Horseman 4X5 monorail camera with Schneider 150m F5.6 lens + holders *READ*


Horseman 8 Exposure 120 Roll Film 2x3 Back #473


Horseman Lens Board, Copal 3 #670


Horseman 4X5 Camera Long 460mm Rail Excellent Bellows


Horseman 4X5 monorail camera w/ Copal 1 Calter II - N 210mm f/5.6 MC Lens


Horseman 4x5 450 View Camera W/ Original Hard Case and Accessories Excellent


Horseman LX 4x5 Monorail View Camera #767


Horseman 4x5 Camera Body 2 Bellows Ground Glass Back Carrying Case


View 4x5 large format Camera - Horseman.


Horseman Press 6x9 120 Roll Film Back 8EXP #576


Horseman 4x5 Studio Camera + 90mm and 210mm Lens + Accessories - entire kit


Horseman LE 4x5 450 View Camera W/ Rodenstock Sironar-N 150mm f/5.6 Copal No. 0


Horseman LX 4x5 Large Format View Camera Body Only


Horseman SW617 Camera Body, Boxed!


- Horseman LX/LX-C 4x5 Front Standard


Horseman Large Format 4x5 View Camera W/ Fitted Case


Horseman LM Pro Deluxe 4x5 Camera Body with Built In Rail Extension


Lot of 7 Oddball lens boards by Sinar for 4x5/8x10 Sinar/Horseman view cameras


Horseman 8EXP/120 6x9 Roll Film Back Holder from Japan #2254


Horseman LE / 450 4x5 Studio View Camera w/ Bag Bellows -Clean- (418-4)


Horseman L Series View Camera Adapted for Nikon


Horseman 6x9 Reflex Viewfinder (fits Arca-Swiss 6x9 view camera)


Horseman SW617 6x12 Roll Film Holder, Boxed!


[AB- Exc] TOPCON Horseman VH 6x9 Camera w/TOPCOR 10.5cm f/3.5 Lens JAPAN R3761


horseman vh medium format camera


【Almost TOP MINT!】Horseman VH SUPER ER 90mm F5.6 SEIKO-SLV from JAPAN 247


Horseman VH-R Rangefinder Film Camera w/Super Topcor 90mm f/5.6, Hood Exc+++


Horseman Woodman 45 Medium Format Camera w/Rodenstock 72° Apo-Sironar-N 150mm


Horseman 45 FA 4x5 Large Format Film Camera Body Black 【Exc+++++】from JAPAN 1493


Horseman SW612 RODENSTOCK 45mm f/4.5 apo 110° 45mm finder *Excellent+++++* #200


*NEAR MINT* HORSEMAN VH W/ Tokyo Kogaku Super Topcor 90mm f/5.6 Lens From Japan


[V.Good] Horseman CONVERTIBLE 6x7 Camera Black w/62mm f/5.6 Lens, 120 Back 5139


TOP MINT Horseman 45FA 4x5 Medium Large Format Film Camera Body from Japan a479


Horseman 45 FA 4x5 Large Format Film Camera Body Black and adapters


Lens Cone Adapter For Horseman SW-D II SW612 6x12 Camera 47mm 58mm 90mm 150mm


【N MINT】 Horseman 45FA 4x5 Large Format Camera w/ 90mm f/5.6 Accessories JAPAN


【Exc+++++】HORSEMAN SW612P w/RODENSTOCK 45mm F/4.5 apo 110° From Japan 1490


Horseman 45FA 4x5 Large Format Film Camera With Box #17667


Horseman SW612 + Rodenstock 75°135mm F/5.6 Lens #17660E3


[C Normal] HORSEMAN VH-R Medium Format w/SUPER TOPCOR 90mm f/5.6, 120 Back R4943